Wrap me … comfy sweater style

There’s something you should know about me. I love, like seriously love, big comfy sweaters. If it’s cardigan style … even better.

Sometimes when I’m shopping in a store … and I see a really great, super comfy cardigan that I love … but it is not my size and it’s the last one on the rack … I’ll pick it up anyway. I’ll walk around with it. Continue to shop with it in my hand. As if I am capable of willing it … to suddenly become a fabulous comfy sweater in my actual size.

Seriously. I do this. I keep walking around and checking the size on the tag to see if maybe … just maybe it changed from an XL into a Medium.

It nevers does. But I still try.

Cozy, comfy sweaters … do this to me. They have some crazy mind altering powers over me that I do not understand.

Eventually, though, I come back to my senses … and put the sweater back on the rack. Sometimes I even say good-bye to it. Sad. I know.

Why all this talk of sweaters you ask?

Because here in NY, there’s a lot of talk of freezing temperatures and something “they” refer to as the polar vortex. Whatever. I only know it’s been dipping into extreme colds, far more frequently than is the norm, for my area.

I don’t want to go anywhere. I dread running errands, picking up kids from after school activites, spending a weekend afternoon in a Sports Dome for soccer tournaments, late evening meetings. Brrr. I don’t want any part of any of it right now. I just want to be wrapped tightly, securely and cozily in a big warm sweater until Spring defrosts all the land around me.

And since I refuse to go and do any real shopping outside in that polar vortex thing … I’ll share some of my online picks for some comfy warm sweaters that I’d like to get my hands on.


1 | Lulu Hooded Cardigan $58 available at Brandy Melville

2 | Jaquard Cocoon Cardigan $138 available at Anthropologie

3 | Cuddle Up Jacket $168 available at Free People

4 | RD Style Open Front Stripe Sweater $79 available at Piperlime

5| SUSS Gerda Cardigan $284 available at Piperlime

That’s it for now. Maybe next time I’ll hunt for cozy hoodies. Now where did I leave my marled coocoon cardi …