Wrap me … comfy sweater style

There’s something you should know about me. I love, like seriously love, big comfy sweaters. If it’s cardigan style … even better.

Sometimes when I’m shopping in a store … and I see a really great, super comfy cardigan that I love … but it is not my size and it’s the last one on the rack … I’ll pick it up anyway. I’ll walk around with it. Continue to shop with it in my hand. As if I am capable of willing it … to suddenly become a fabulous comfy sweater in my actual size.

Seriously. I do this. I keep walking around and checking the size on the tag to see if maybe … just maybe it changed from an XL into a Medium.

It nevers does. But I still try.

Cozy, comfy sweaters … do this to me. They have some crazy mind altering powers over me that I do not understand.

Eventually, though, I come back to my senses … and put the sweater back on the rack. Sometimes I even say good-bye to it. Sad. I know.

Why all this talk of sweaters you ask?

Because here in NY, there’s a lot of talk of freezing temperatures and something “they” refer to as the polar vortex. Whatever. I only know it’s been dipping into extreme colds, far more frequently than is the norm, for my area.

I don’t want to go anywhere. I dread running errands, picking up kids from after school activites, spending a weekend afternoon in a Sports Dome for soccer tournaments, late evening meetings. Brrr. I don’t want any part of any of it right now. I just want to be wrapped tightly, securely and cozily in a big warm sweater until Spring defrosts all the land around me.

And since I refuse to go and do any real shopping outside in that polar vortex thing … I’ll share some of my online picks for some comfy warm sweaters that I’d like to get my hands on.


1 | Lulu Hooded Cardigan $58 available at Brandy Melville

2 | Jaquard Cocoon Cardigan $138 available at Anthropologie

3 | Cuddle Up Jacket $168 available at Free People

4 | RD Style Open Front Stripe Sweater $79 available at Piperlime

5| SUSS Gerda Cardigan $284 available at Piperlime

That’s it for now. Maybe next time I’ll hunt for cozy hoodies. Now where did I leave my marled coocoon cardi …

Memory Keeping … new Maggie Holmes Digital Project Life Mini

This week over at DigitalProjectLife.com brings the release of a new mini kit by the amazing Maggie Holmes. I love her style, her layouts and her designs are a must have in my opinion. As always they are on sale this week … here’s my page with the new kit:


Digital Project Life | Maggie Holmes Mini Kit
Digital Project Life | Just Add Color Stickers
Digital Project Life | Days & Arrows Stickers
Digital Project Life | Template A
Other : Rachael Scraps | buttons & Gennifer Bursett | Piccadilly button

That’s it for now. Still trying to settle in over here at my new home, it may be a little while before the dust settles!

“Dividing” a Photo into 4 Pockets Digitally … a Photoshop Tutorial

Hello. A reader left a comment asking how I digitally “divided” my focal photo into 4 different pockets on my Project Life page. Maybe some of you new to working with project life templates and/or digital scrapbooking are wondering how to do this as well.

Note: this was previously posted on my Pretty in Posies blog.

how to digitally divide a focal photo

product credits:
Becky Higgins Digital Project Life | Floral Theme Pack
Becky Higgins Digital Project Life | Midnight Edition Paper Pack 2
Becky Higgins Digital Project Life | Template U
other little details:
Creashens | Hello Flairs, Fling (floral bouquet), Krafternoon Delight (bow)
The Ardent Sparrow | Brand New Boy & Girl Kits (buttons)

It’s super easy!

I am using Photoshop CC, but it’s basically the same method in Photoshop Elements.

So you start with a template. The template I am using is Digital Project Life Template U. (link above)

Project Life Template U

Here I have the template opened in Photoshop and I’ve added the photo I want “divided” into 4 pockets. I’ve sized it and placed it exactly where I want it. In the Layers Palette, the photo is placed above the pockets that it will be “divided” into.dividephotoTut1

Now, since I know I want this photo to appear in four pockets, I simply duplicate the file 3x (so I have four copies total). Command J (on a Mac) or Control J (on a PC) is the easiest way to duplicate the layers. You can also go up to EDIT and choose Duplicate (3x).

NOTE: It is important that the photo copies all stay exactly where they are on the page. Do not move or shift them. You’ll see why in a minute. dividephotoTut2So, above, you can see my Layers … and there are four copies of my photo. It doesn’t look like anything has happened because the photos are all sitting on top of each other.

Now (see below) … without moving the photos at all on the page … you are going to drag (IN THE LAYERS PALETTE) each photo copy above each pocket that the photo needs to appear in. So each photo layer sits on top of each pocket layer.


Here (below), you can see my 4 photo copies all nicely placed above the four pockets they will ultimately show in.


Now, move your cursor onto the space (IN THE LAYERS PALETTE) between the photo and the pocket. Click while holding down the ALT(on a MAC)/OPTION(on a PC) key. Your cursor will change into a bent arrow with a rectangle. The photo is now “clipped” to the pocket layer.dividephotoTut5

Once the photo is “clipped” to the pocket you will see your photo layer indented in your Layers Palette with a bent arrow.dividephotoTut6

Do this “ALT/OPTION click” to each of the other Photo copies. See my little black arrows below. I have 4 photos “clipped” to the pockets below them.

NOTE: Make sure the photo lies on top of the pocket it should appear in!

And that’s it! The photo is digitally “divided” into 4 pockets. Now go finish your awesome PL page!

Jenn McCabe | Floral Theme Pack



If you need to move the image around … say a face ended up in the space between the pockets (like the example above) …

in your Layers Palette, click all four photos at once. To do this, you click one photo and then Command click (on a MAC) or Control click (on a PC) to select the other three photos.dividephotoTut9Make sure your move tool is selected, and then you can just drag the image around on the page until it looks good. Having all 4 photo layers selected, means that all four of them move together as if they were ONE photo. This gives you that “divided” look.

You can also re-size the photos by click/dragging any of the corners. If in Photoshop, make sure to hold down SHIFT to constrain the photo dimensions. I believe Photoshop Elements does this automatically.dividephotoTut11

It’s a good idea to Lock your four photo layers together. This makes sure they all move together and that one does not accidently get shifted around. See below … just click the Link Layers Icon at the bottom of your Layers Palette (while you have all your photo layers selected).dividephotoTut12

Once locked, each layer will have a little Chain Link Icon next to it. If you do not want them locked, simply click the Link Layers Button again to remove this feature.dividephotoTut13

That’s it. I hope you give this a try. It’s such a fun way to make one really great photo pop on your PL pages! Feel free to leave a comment linking me up to any page you create using this technique! I’d love to see your work! 🙂

xoxo- jenn