Creative Team Layout Tracker and Challenge Layout Tracker Freebies

Hello there! I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like being the Memory Keeper for my family can be quiet overwhelming. If you scrapbook digitally or traditionally with paper, there is a chance that you are either are on a Creative Team for a designer (or store) or that you regularly participate in challenges.

I do both … and I admit, keeping up with it all can be a challenge.

With my Creative Teams, I have to know which products are releasing when, the name of the page I created with the designer’s kit so I can easily find it when the kit goes live, and make sure I am uploading to all my galleries and social media in a timely matter. If you are on one team it can be daunting, if you are many … it can become quiet the task to manage it all!

I use this Creative Team Layout Tracker to keep my CT layouts organized.  I print a few out each month, punch holes into the side, and place into my binder.  I wanted to pass it along to you, in case you felt it could come in handy. It really has become a life saver for me! Click on the image to download.

CT Layout TrackerAnd because I like to participate in store challenges, I also created one to keep track of those layouts as well. Even though it is not a commitment to upload these layouts anywhere except for the store that is hosting the challenge, I do often like to include these layouts in my various galleries. This sheet helps me keep track of what challenges I need to complete, the deadline and the galleries that I want to upload them to. Feel free to download my Challenge Layout Tracker by clicking on the image!

Challenge Layout TrackerIf you have a great hint or helpful tip to share about how you organize your Memory Keeping layouts, I’d love to hear about it!

2 thoughts on “Creative Team Layout Tracker and Challenge Layout Tracker Freebies

  1. Can I just tell you how amazing you are? ‘Cause you’re amazing, LOL! Thank you SO much for sharing these!

    You’d think a digital girl would want to keep all of her little notes and to-do’s on her computer – yet here I am, jotting stuff down on my mangled, crumpled, and almost full notepad instead, LOL! But now I can be jotting stuff down on a pretty, clean, and wonderfully organized printed out tracker sheet. 😀 I did notice the challenge tracker sheet was kind of small compared to the LO tracker, but I’m pretty sure I can handle resizing a jpeg for printing, LOL!

  2. Emily, thanks for your comment. I know, it does feel strange to be a digi girl and want to keep track of this stuff via written lists. :0

    I just downloaded both sheets from dropbox and they both come in at standard US Letter Size (8.5 x 11). Wonder why one is looking smaller than the other for you? If you want to leave me your email or fill out the contact me form at the top of my header here on my blog, I would be happy to email you a PDF version and see if that helps with the sizing issue? best- jenn

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