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A closer look at embellishing & customizing Project Life Title Cards

If you follow my Project Life layouts, you know I try to keep my pages pretty simple and clean. If you follow my regular digital scrapbooking pages … you know I am in love with details … all the little embellishments that help draw the eye into the page and help tell the story.

Sometimes my Project Life pages, meet my digital scrapbooking pages and I get a sort of marriage of the two.

This layout, summarizing my daughters U11 soccer year is still a pretty simple and clean Project Life event page … but it does add in a few extra details to round out the story telling.


In the spotlight on Becky Higgins’ blog found here, I choose this layout to share with Becky’s blog readers. One reader asked about how I created the title card. I thought it best to put it in a post, so all the details could be shared.

I started with this amazing Soccer Theme Kit found here.


Here’s a look at the card I used as the base for my title card.


I added some adorable bits of embellishments from Dani Mogstad’s Playball Kit found here.


Form Dani’s preview, you can see the adorable soccer ball, the star rounds, and the already stapled & folded ribbon … so cute! (and the perfect colors too.)

So I added them onto my base journal card as shown below:


and then I just added some fun fonts to finish off the Title Card.

Soccer is done in Chalk Hand Lettering Shaded Demo

Highlights is done in Varsity

U11 2012 -2013 uses Eurostile

Journaling is Traveling Typewriter

Because the soccer ball and star round from Dani’s kit has a slightly distressed look to them, I used a textured brush to erase & distress my font a bit for the title “Soccer Highlights”. I also turned the words into a sticker and added a drop shadow.

Hope that helps show how you can take a basic journal card and add a few simple touches to create a custom Title Card. Thanks for reading.

A Project Life freebie for you | Collect App – like Journal Card

Hello. I’m back with another Digital Project Life post this week. If you follow Becky Higgins’ blog, you might have seen a little spotlight on me last week … my Project Life tips and a peek into my creative space. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Some of you have asked me about my Collect App “looking” journal cards that I use in my weekly spreads like this one:

digital project life amy tangerine plus one

… where I have the white journal card, the date, a small photo & some journaling. I created these cards myself.

I created them because I love using the Collect App on my iPhone. It has made my process of collecting memories: both the photos and the journaling notes of that moment, super easy. But for some reason, and maybe it’s just me, but when I export the collect file using dropbox, I get this weird shadow around the file and it does not fit into the masks (or pockets) of my Project Life templates very well. They do print out beautifully if using in your real Project Life pages!

So I just created my own. I have it saved as a .PSD file and open it whenever I’m working on a weekly PL spread.


And I’m happy to share it with all of you. You can download the PSD file here.

This file is free for Personal Use. If you would like to share, all I ask is that you refer friends to my post here on my blog to download. Thanks! 😉

With this PSD file you can clip a photo to the black square mask, alter the date & journaling, as well as change the font to whatever suits your style. It is a 3×4 journal card. If you do end up using it on your pages … I’d love to see a link to your layout! Please feel free to share your page by linking in the comments section!

I have used Belta Bold for my journaling (11 pt) & Linux Libertine for the date (16.24 pt for lettering & 43.3 pt for the numerals). Both fonts can be download for free at If you do not have these fonts installed on your computer, Photoshop will update the text to an alternate font.

Some readers of Becky’s blog were having trouble finding the Collect App and I’m afraid it looks like this is an Apple App … no android version. So sorry! Here’s the Collect App website, where you can read about all the features they offer & a link to download it. It has been a true lifesaver for me! Here’s a little snap shot of this morning’s photo.

2014-04-14 16.58.23

Since I have always been an iPhone user and have no knowledge whatsoever in the realm of androids, I will refer you to the Daily Digi’s lovely post about Memory Keeping Apps (this specific question for android users is addressed). Be sure to read the comment/reply at the bottom of the post too. 😉 If anyone is an android user and they have found a super great alternative to share, please let us know in the comments section!

Basically Collect App is like a visual calendar. As you can see from my iPhone snap shot of April’s Collect Calendar, I am not perfect … two days have no photos what so ever. No sweat though … ’cause there are some days I have too, too many photos to choose from. It all works out.

 2014-04-14 17.00.58

Project Life and no stress are things that should go hand in hand. Keep it simple!